Wood Processing


Brooke Energy have 2 wood processing yards, located well to cover the south east and south west of England and Wales.

Brooke Energy management have many years’ experience of working in the recycled wood sector, and have seen both incredibly high-quality biomass as well as much that is sub-standard. In order for our plants to operate most efficiantly we need to achieve a constant top quality feed supply. To do this we have set up our wood processing yards. With one yard in Exeter and another in Winchester we are able to receive waste from almost the entire South West of England. The image below shows the approximate radius of our waste processing. 




First and foremost, it is important that wood chip is small enough to easily flow through the various transport screws on its way to the furnace. We have bought top quality shredders to enable us to reduce all manor of waste wood to an appropriate size.

BE Website Woodyard-4.jpg


Ferrous Magnet

Secondly we must remove all metal from the fuel. The first stage of removal is via a number of ferrous magnets which removes any metal objects as the product is shredded.

We choose to use three ferous magnet machines in the process line to ensure the complete removal of all ferrous metals.



Eddy Current Separator

Before we began processing our own fuel we found most recycled biomass producers used ferrous magnets but didn’t take out non-ferrous metals such as aluminium due to the expense of the equipment required. However significant levels of aluminium in fuel can cause problems for any combustion plant, so we have invested in eddy current separators to remove all the non-ferrous metals from the fuel.

BE Website Woodyard-6.jpg



Finally The Fuel is sent through a trommel, which separates the final product into, UNDERSIZED (fines) and on-grade product ready for fuel.


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