In theory the operation of a woodchip fuelled boiler sounds simple; feed woodchip, generate steam, operate turbine, however in practice we know from experience that achieving optimal performance from these plants, requires a delicate balance of computer settings, minor adjustments, watching, listening and anticipating. 

Brooke Energy has spent significant time developing training procedures and operational guidance for all its operators. As a result operators are able to grasp the subtle technicalities of operating our plants. Each plant/project has it’s own manager and operators who are directly supported by our head office engineers and our mobile maintenance crew.

All our plants are heavily monitored, with real-time data, being observed on screens on-site as well as the office. This means, any change in performance can be picked up very quickly, and corrective adjustments made. 

The operation team follow standard daily checks and operations, as well as notifying of replacement parts or consumables. 

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