Brooke Energy Engineering


We have both in-house specialists as well as external planning consultants, that enable us to;

  • Assess the feasibility of a given site, both practically and any planning restrictions.
  • Design the necessary building works or amendments required.
  • Commission surveys and reports for planning applications.
  • Work with the local authority to achieve a successful planning outcome.

Detailed Engineering

Once we know the business case is solid, and there are no issues with planning permission, the detailed engineering process can be negotiated. Brooke Energy has contacts with various suppliers both locally and across the globe, who we work with to achieve a custom engineered project.



Brooke Energy work through the initial construction details in-house, before working with structural engineers, to undertake the detailed calculations required for building specification. We have a number of construction companies that we use, to ensure the best possible price and time frame are achieved. We then oversee the work and coordinate the contractors with plant suppliers where necessary.

Plant Installation

Each project has a range of both plant suppliers, as well as piping, lagging and electrical contractors. The lines of responsibility and coordination can be tricky. Consequently Brooke Energy work with each party to make sure information is correctly circulated, comunication is clear and that there are no gaps between suppliers.


Operational Engineering

As well as the normal routine operations and maintenance, there will come times, often during commissioning and optimising where intricacies need to be worked out and solutions found in order to avoid the inevitable unforeseen issues. Brooke Energy’s engineers are always on hand to work these through in-house and alongside our suppliers.