Jewells is the location of Brooke Energy Head office as well as the inaugural commissioned steam boiler plant within the Brooke Energy Group. Nestled within the Blackdown Hills, this plant sits on the footprint of a redundant chicken shed.

Brooke Energy Jewells generates 320kw electricity per hour which is eligible for the Renewable Obligation (RO). That is sufficient electricity to power 775 average British homes per year. However currently the site uses the electricity internally for processing wood chip, running the head office, 2 timber workshops & 3 houses.

Generating the electricity also has a by-product of 3.2MW of waste heat per hour that is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This heat is used within a belt dryer that dries virgin woodchip with very high moisture content down to levels useful for sale to other biomass boilers in the region.



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