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Brooke Energy

Wood Heat Power


Renewable Energy 

All electricity and heat produced under Brooke Energy  derives from renewable resources.



Recycled Wood

With currently two waste processing yards covering the entire south of England we are well placed to process large quantities of Waste wood.


Sustainable Product

All woodchip product produced under Brooke Energy  orginates from top quality sustainable resources.


Design & Build


Brooke Energy builds, operates and manages several biomass fuelled steam plants that cover the South West of England and Wales producing energy that directly sources the UK National Grid.


Operations & Maitenance

All Brooke Energy plants are heavily monitored, with real-time data, with a team of highly skilled engineers, architects, operators and maintenance staff; Brooke Energy works to oversee and support a range of ongoing projects.


Renewable Energy

Brooke Energy is committed to ushering in the new era of renewable energy. In 2010, the UK’s annual arising of waste wood generated by households and businesses were an estimated at 4.1 million tonnes.  With our wood processing yards, we work to interrupt the cycle of landfill by processing said waste into fuel.  


Quality Wood Fuel

Brooke Energy specialise in producing high quality dry wood chip for the biomass boiler market. We are authorised by the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and pride ourselves on supplying clean burning, low moisture and therefore extremely efficient wood fuel at the highest specification all year round.

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Investors Area

Gearth Jewells pre construction.jpg


Jewells is the inaugural commissioned steam boiler plant within the Brooke Energy Group. Nestled within the Blackdown Hills, this plant sits on the footprint of a redundant chicken shed.

Gearth Exeter2 pre construction.jpg


Brooke Energy Exeter is located within close proximity to the historic city of Exeter, whilst having great access close to the M5. Set on the outskirts of a large business park, this plant has had a purpose built building to house it.

Gearth Winchester pre construction.jpg


Brooke Energy Winchester is located within close proximity to the historic city of Winchester, whilst having great access close to the M3. Set within a small industrially converted farm, this plant sits on the footprint of a redundant farm shed.